1000 Miles of Memories

2017 journey to run 1000 miles honoring those with Alzheimers and the loving people who care for them.

January 4, 2013 Five A.M.

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  •       5.53  –  Miles Run Today
  •     25.63  –  Miles Run 2013
  •  $50.00   –  $ Raised 2013
  •           5    –  Alzheimer’s Patients/Care Givers Honored

Today’s Memory

I awoke early today so decided to complete my training run at five a.m.  The neighborhood is peaceful at this time of day and beautiful in a whole different way.  The street lights shimmer on the historic homes and the courthouse stands proud in the town square.  There are few people out except for the city workers cleaning around the square and an occasional patrol car.  This is a great city and I’ve been fortunate to live  and raise my family here.  My memory today is of Hamm’s deli on the square.  I can’t count the number of times the girls and I went to Hamm’s for ground beef, bacon and cheese.  It was in a different location then but the owners were so nice and always would give us a “sample” to taste.  Attached is a photo of the view heading into the square on my run this morning.


I hope your day is memorable.  Thank you for sharing mine.



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