1000 Miles of Memories

2017 journey to run 1000 miles honoring those with Alzheimers and the loving people who care for them.

January 9, 2013 Falling Apart

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  •        5.80  –  Miles Run Today
  •      47.20  –  Miles Run 2013
  • $170.00   –  $ Raised 2013
  •          15    –  Alzheimer’s Patients/Care Givers Honored

Today’s Memory

Today’s post will not be pretty.  I don’t know how to make it nice so you might want to skip to another day.  Continue at your own risk…

Marathon workout #42 of 64 was to be 8.5 miles starting slow but increasing pace throughout and ending slow.  A steady rain was falling all day so I hit the gym to complete this exciting(?) run.  All started out well.  Mile 1 – easy. Miles 2,3, 4, 5 progressively faster but still tolerable.  As a matter of fact I was feeling pretty smug about how well it was going….until mile 5.5.  It was then that I started to feel odd….my stomach started to churn and I went into panic mode.  I hit the pause button on the treadmill, grabbed my towel  to my mouth, and tried to be inconspicuous.  Luckily for the people around me the crisis passed quickly.  I walked for a while and tried to increase the pace but there was no completing the workout today.

Once home, I also found that I had my first runner’s toe!  I have one toenail that has turned a dark purple color.  It is sore but I don’t think I will lose the nail.  Until then I don’t know if I can truly call myself a runner.

That’s if for today.  I’ll try to be more upbeat in the future….but I did warn you!!

Make it a memorable day!



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