1000 Miles of Memories

2017 journey to run 1000 miles honoring those with Alzheimers and the loving people who care for them.


March 1 – 4, Skunks, Snakes and a Man

  •       5.88  –  Miles Run Today
  •       5.00  –  Miles Run 3/3
  •   212.19  –  Miles Run 2013
  • $425.00  –  $ Raised 2013
  •          27   –  Alzheimer’s Patients/Care Givers Honored

Today’s Memory

Well March has arrived and I’m trying to get back into the swing of this running thing.  Since the journey started in January I’ve had a lot of time to think about how the brain works.  It’s been two weeks since the marathon and I remember finishing it.  I know it was extremely hard.  I see the finisher’s medal hanging in the living room.  But my mind tells me I’ve never run a day in my life.  My body tells me that I’ve never run a day in my life.  Lies, lies, lies.  My daughter, Christina, who has been running for a long time tells me this is normal and she goes through it also.  I hope things change soon.  This doesn’t make sense….

Okay….I’m done whining….Let’s talk about what’s been going on the last few days.

First of all.  During tonight’s run at Town Lake a skunk ran in front of me on the path…stopped…and looked at me.  I froze for a moment and then ran away as fast as I could.  I’m sure I don’t smell that great after a run but that would have been over the top!!

Second.  Yesterday I almost gave up on my run after one half of a mile.  As I mentioned above, it started out as a bad run – like I hadn’t ever trained before.  Luckily Christina called right then, encouraged me and off I went.  I thought maybe a change of scenery in my route might make things better.  This is what I saw on the way back…


Maybe I should stick with my old routes!!

And last but certainly not least…..One of the joys in my life has been being a dad to four wonderful girls.  So many wonderful memories.  But how does my baby Elizabeth (who looks like this in my mind)…….


become such a lovely young woman who is ENGAGED to such a fine young man!!


CONGRATULATIONS Elizabeth and Ryan!!  I am so excited for you as you start this journey to build your own memories together.  You both make me proud….

I’m tearing up…so that’s all for now…

Make it a memorable day!


Consider making a donation for Alzheimer’s research at http://www.crowdrise.com/1000milesofmemories/